Terms And Conditions

The terms under this policy apply to ________ and its content. The mails and RSS feeds are included in the content, amongst other aspects. Kindly review this statement before you access this site and its services. The use of the website is assumed as an agreement to these terms by default. 

Content Use :

Customers can use the original content of this site. Available under Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License, our content can further be used by the customers provided due credit is given to the source site, and the logo of the site is displayed. However, in order to pursue such a reproduction of our content, seeking permission is mandatory. 

Usage Of RSS Feeds :

The users of our site can access our RSS feed at ________ in the form of an excerpt. No users must make any alterations to the feed.  The advertisements cited in the feed should not be distorted either. Specific guidelines have to be strictly followed by the users of the feed:

  • The feeds sponsored by ads can be viewed and accessed for the personal use of RSS readers.
  • For feed reproduction purposes, only the excerpt of the feed should be utilized, unless otherwise settled with the website company. 
  • The users are not permitted to splice or redistribute the RSS feed through third-party RSS feed providers.
  • The customers are barred from adding any personal, promotional, or advertising content to the RSS feed. 
  • If any customer is using the RSS feed of this site, they can be asked to halt the presentation of the RSS feed anytime. 
  • The site reserves the right to modify the RSS feed of the site without providing a conspicuous notice to the users.

Web Syndication Of _______ Content

When the original content of this is being distributed, certain conditions need to be fulfilled. The internal links embedded in the content of the site should not be removed. The logo and the URL of the website should be visible in the content. No material modifications in the format and labeling of the headlines displayed in the RSS feed should be made. A link such as ‘more from…’ should be incorporated in the content to lead the readers to the original site. 

Print Syndication Conditions :

The screenshots of the content on the site can be taken. However, it must be ensured that the logo and the URL of the site are distinctly presented on every such screenshot containing the original site content. No editions except as in the case of the hyperlinks should be made in the content. The customers also need to seek the legal permissions and copyright to print any of the images availed of and/ or printed from the site. 

Disassociation Terms :  As a user of this site, you agree that you are viewing the contents, graphics, photos, and videos of this site at your own consent. If the user is using the content of this platform for their site, our website cannot be held responsible. Any complaints registered against such sites are not the responsibility of our site. Also, the site cannot be held accountable for the acts of warranty of merchantability and non-infringement. 

Sharing Of Content With ____________: When any user supplies us with content at their discretion, the piece of content provided is considered to be the property of _____ thereon. The act of forwarding such content through any means is assumed as the permission to use it according to the requirements of the site operations, which might also include sub-licensing of the information to the third-parties. In this case, the supplier of the data must ensure that the content holds no legal violations.

Guidelines For The Comment Section :

The users of the site are welcome to drop their concerns and views regarding our content. However, this site cannot be held answerable for any material used in the comment section. If any ‘infringement’ or ‘violation of terms of use’ issues arise, the person leaving the comment is to be solely held responsible and can be dealt with in the comment section itself. In such cases, the site will not disclose your personal information to the third-parties unless required legally. We appeal to our customers to follow certain guidelines when using the comment section.

  • Do not drop any content that has copyright issues or is subject to other legal complications;
  • No explicit content or language is permitted in the comment section;
  • Content involving threats, illegal statements, and harassing declarations is objectionable. 
  • Cease from buying or selling products in the comment area
  • Refrain from sharing any sensitive information or data that violates the terms of the privacy policy.
  • Kindly comment sensibly as no comments are deleted, unless at the discretion of the site. 

Terms Of Material Usage On The Site : For better furnishing the users of the site, the platform may involve usage of images, videos, and graphics. Such material will have the following authorizations:

  • Duly procured with a licence from video vendors and photographic archive;
  • The data supplied to the editor of our platform or the data released into the public domain for marketing or public relations purposes.
  • Images, videos, or graphics corresponded to us by any user of the site with the confirmation that it does not behold any copyright issues and can be used by our website.

Infringement Terms : If the content on our site faces infringement, copyright, or other legal issues, the users can inform us. If, after due scrutiny, it is found that the content is not legitimate, the site reserves the right to remove the data from the platform. If you have any infringement concerns, write to us @_______. It is advised that you give a detailed description along with the piece of content that has violation concerns. We will try our best to address such concerns promptly.

Third-Party Links

The site, at its discretion, may allow the display of individual links, products, or services. Such associated third-party websites have their own terms of use and data privacy policy. The statements of our site cannot be held liable for any other third-party site. The users pursuing such links admit that they access such services at their option, and the site cannot be held accountable for any activities conducted on other websites. 

General Proviso :

The users are compelled to consider this site as a resource of suggestions and opinions. We do not promise complete reliability or accuracy of the information provided. Customers basing their decisions on the content of this site, cannot hold the site responsible in any manner. 

Privacy Terms :

Our site follows an intricate system to safeguard your information. No information, personal identification, or anonymous, provided to us by the users, is disclosed, distorted, altered, sold, or misused by our site. However, certain exceptions, as mentioned in the privacy policy, need to be taken into consideration. 

Modifications :

The users will be intimated about any material changes made in the terms and conditions policy of the site. 

With Effect From :

These terms are applicable from the date ___________