Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We value your privacy. Working to make your personal information as secure as possible, we have incorporated a comprehensive privacy policy that duly regulates the collection, use, sharing, and security of your data. Here are the terms of the privacy policy applicable to the visitors and the users of the site and services of http//……………..

  • Collection Of Personal Data : When users try to access the services of our site, we tend to ask for information to register with our platform. The customers, at their discretion, can provide such information including, but not limited to, their username, password, email address, contact number, billing address, if applicable, and feedback information. The input to such forms can be denied by the users. However, this might result in loss of access to certain features of the site. The user is deemed to have given consent to the terms of this policy once they avail of the services of the site.
  • Anonymous Information : Besides collecting information pertaining to the personal identification of the users, this site may also gather, by default, certain non-personal information to determine aspects such as your browser name, computer and server type, and more. Such information is used to ascertain the browsing traffic on the site and other related aspects affecting the internal operations of the platform.
  • The Use Of Web Cookies : In order to determine aspects essential to the working of the website, we use web cookies. Cookies are in the form of small files and are used to collect and store information entailing, but not limited to, the duration of your visit to the site and the frequency of the visit. Web cookies assist in elevating the customer experience through the refining of the services according to such information collected. You can deny the use of web cookies. However, this might restrict your usage of some features of the site.
  • Application Of The Information : (… site name …) uses the information supplied to us by the customers, at their discretion, to assist in the following purposes.
  • To Respond To Your Queries : The feedback forms accommodated in our sites help us in gathering the concerns of our users. This provides us a platform to address and resolve all such concerns effectively and timely.
  • To Customise Your Browsing Practice :

    Your feedback and other anonymous data collected help us to ascertain your fields of interest in our services and features. The same aid us in personalizing your experience at our site in terms of content and advertisement. 

  • To Elevate Customer Satisfaction :

    Our assortment of feedback forms and other information supplied by the customer helps us in providing them a refined and unique experience at our site. Elevating the level of satisfaction of our customers, we ensure that the website displays the content you like the best.  

  • To Fulfil Administrative Requirements :

    The information accumulated through registrations and web cookies is utilized solely for the internal operations of our site. It guides our working and assists us in running the site and its service successfully. 

  • To Complete Transaction, If Any : If the customers, at their discretion, have initiated payment for activities such as subscriptions, the site will use the personal billing information provided to complete the transaction. Such sensitive information is not disclosed, shared, traded, or exchanged by us with any third party. Other exceptions mentioned in the conditions of this policy apply.
  • To Upgrade Our Platform :

    The constant touch with the customers of the site is used to bring in the necessary improvements and changes in the operation of the site. Furthermore, the feedbacks are taken into consideration to alter or add the content according to the customers’ demands. 

  • To Send Periodic Emails : We might, at your option, use the information provided by you to send you periodic emails that inform you about the new updates in the site, latest uploaded newsletters, and other modern editions.

          We might share the user information with third parties when it is crucial for the running of the operations of the site smoothly. This will include, but will not be limited to, occasions of hiring a third party, a merger of the site, and acquisition of the company.

  • Information Security : We have carefully entrenched a comprehensive data privacy plan for the users of our site. Every piece of information shared by our users is subject to technical, physical, and organizational safety measures. We assure our viewers complete confidentiality. No information provided by our customers is illegally disclosed, traded, altered, misused, or distorted by our site. We, however, may be compelled to hand over such information when pursued by the law. Any private information supplied to us by the user will not be used explicitly without their consent, except the cases mentioned in this policy.
  • Third-Party Websites :

    We, at our discretion, might allow third party websites to display their links, products, or services at our site. The viewers are advised to assess the privacy policy of such sites and treat their privacy policy and other terms as separate from ours. We are responsible solely for the policy of our site. This site cannot be held accountable for the content, visuals, products, or services of any other third party website. You can, however, provide us with genuine feedback about the sites linked from and to our site.

  • Google Ads :

    Google makes use of dart cookies in order to access basic data entailing your browsing pattern. This involves observation of your use of our site and other sites on the internet. This is used to display advertisements based on your activity on the internet. No personal information about the user is accessed in the process. If you wish to disable the use of dart cookies, visit Google ad and content network privacy policy. 

  • Changes And Enforcement : To upgrade the terms of our policy, we might make the necessary amendments from time to time. If any considerable changes are made in the elements of this statement that will directly affect the use of your data, we will inform you through a clear notice on the home page of our site or an unambiguous mail.

    Subsequently, the customers can reserve their information with our website at their discretion by either opting in or opting out of the latest policy. If no material modifications are made, no such conspicuous notice will be provided. In such cases, if the user accesses the site or its services, it is assumed that they agree to the changed policy terms. 

    We assume it as our chief duty to diligently follow and embed all the terms of privacy mentioned in the policy. The same is periodically reviewed in order to ensure proper implementation. 

  • Contacting Us :

    If you have any queries regarding our data privacy policy, you can get in touch with our representatives to express your concerns at XXXXXXX. You can also write to us at [email protected]