Best Fast-Growing Aquarium Plants

Best Fast-Growing Aquarium Plants

If you are an aquarist and aquascaping is your hobby, you will always wish to make your aquarium look more beautiful and healthy. Planting live plants is the best way to make this happen. They help in creating a balanced ecosystem for the fishes and also enhance the beauty of the tank. But how will you choose the best aquarium plants that grow fast and are available at ease? Well, you do not need to worry. Here you can find the list of the 10 best fast-growing aquarium plants for your aquarium. Read ahead to know all the intrinsic details about aquarium plants.

Aquarium Plants: How To Choose And What To Choose?

Customizing your planted tank seems an easy task but it requires planning too. You need to take care of the aquarium dimensions, lighting, water chemistry, fertilizers, fish species, and choice of plants. Moreover, you should know how to grow aquarium plants and what are their requirements. A well-designed plan and profound consideration of the factors will help you in setting up an elegantly planted aquarium.  

How To Grow Aquarium Plants?

After considering all the essential factors for your aquarium, the next thing is to grow plants in them. Think about the plants that are compatible with your fishes. If you are thinking of having some tropical aquarium plants along with the fresh water aquarium plants, check the amount of replicated sunlight and pH level of water accordingly. Some basic requirements to grow aquarium plants are:

  • Lighting: Correct lighting is essential for the better growth of the plants. On average, aquarium plants need around 8-12 hours of replicated sunlight every day. Hood light or LEDs can provide the required lighting. The required amount of light depends upon the size of the tank.
  • Substrate: Plants are grown on the substrate layer. You can use aquarium gravel, coarse sand, or a designed substrate for the layer. You need to fill the bottom of the aquarium with 5-8 cm of these substrates.
  • Fertilizer: Aquatic plants need nutrients and minerals like Potassium, Iron, Manganese to develop. Fertilizers also help in enriching their growth and development. Therefore, add a specific amount of aquarium-plant fertilizers as per the requirements.
  • Water: It is crucial to analyze the water chemistry before filling the aquarium. Adjust the pH level separately according to the tropical aquarium plants and freshwater aquarium plants. Generally, the plants grow well in moderately soft water with ph levels ranging between 6.8 to 7.8. After the analysis, fill the aquarium to half with water.
  • Plants: The last essential thing you need is Plants, of course! Insert fast-growing aquarium plants. Bury them in the substrate up to their stem-base. Cover the bulbs of the plants with gravel to the growing point. Add freshwater fish, rocks, thermometers, fish furniture, and other accessories as per your choice. Fill the remaining tank and you are all set.



Types Of Aquarium Plants

Now that you have studied about fast-growing aquarium plants, you need to know about its types too. Based on the placement in the aquarium, there are three major categories of the aquarium plants:

  1. Background plants
  2. Mid-ground plants
  3. Foreground plants

Background Plants

A background plant is a tall aquarium plant that you put in the back of your tank or aquarium. It serves as a natural background and also helps the fishes to hide. Amazon Sword, Jungle Vallisneria are some of the commonly used background plants.

Mid-Ground Plants

Mid-ground plants, as the name suggests, are placed in the middle of the aquarium. They are generally shorter than background plants but taller than the foreground ones. Since they are put in the sides and the middle, they do not occupy much space. Moreover, they provide grace and add aesthetics to the aquarium.

Foreground Plants

These are the shortest plants that grow slowly and are placed in the front. They cover the bottom of the tank with a green carpet-like layer. Hence, they are also known as a carpet plant.


The Best Fast Growing Aquarium Plants

Since you have learned about the basics of aquarium plants, let’s dive straight in to know the 10 best fast growing aquarium plants for beginners present out there.

Amazon Sword

  • It is one of the most popular fish tank plants that look like leaves.
  • Easy to care for and ideal for beginners.
  • It is a tall aquarium plant that can grow up to 15-16 inches.
  • In general, it is planted in the background due to its big leaves spreading in all directions.
  • Needs 11-12 hours of lighting. Though, putting on the light for more than 12 hours can lead to an algal bloom.

Dwarf Sagittaria

  • It is one of the fast-growing aquarium plants that are easy to maintain.
  • Spread easily and provide a green carpet-like effect.
  • A small plant of about 11 inches placed in the mid-foreground.
  • Moderate to high lighting is suitable for this plant.
  • Can tolerate a wide range of water parameters that makes it beginner-friendly.


  • It is a widely popular and available aquatic plant.
  • Can grow rapidly up to a height of 10 feet. Among the tall aquarium plants, it is more preferred due to its suitability and availability.
  • It suits big tanks of around 15 gallons.
  • The more light it receives, the greener it becomes.
  • It absorbs all the nutrients present in the tank. Therefore, make sure to add more fertilizers and nutrients in the aquariums having Hornwort.

Java Moss

  • A small plant of a maximum 4 inches height.
  • Widely used in aquascaping.
  • When it comes to lighting and water quality, it is less demanding.
  • It is helpful for fishes as it protects their eggs and fry.
  • It can also promote algae growth in high lighting.
  • Apart from the foreground, you can also tie it to the ornaments or let it flow in the aquarium.

Jungle Vallisneria

  • It is a fast-growing aquarium plant that can attain a height of up to 6 feet.
  • A suitable plant for cold water temperature aquariums.
  • It requires moderate lighting. The more it gets the light, the faster it grows.
  • You can place it in the mid or the background according to the size of the tank.
  • Since it is one of the fast-growing aquarium plants, anything in excess faster its growth.

Corkscrew Vallisneria

  • It is a seagrass kind of plant belonging to the family of tape grass.
  • It can grow up to a height of 20 inches.
  • Moderate to high lighting suits this plant.
  • Like Jungle Vallisneria, if you provide anything in excess, it grows best at a faster rate.
  • It requires a nice amount of fertilizers for proper growth.

Ludwigia Repens

  • A popular colored aquarium plant that grows up to 19 inches in height.
  • Tolerates a wide range of water parameters and can be grown in cold water aquariums.
  • It provides a lot of hiding places for small fishes like Tetras.
  • It is not light sensitive, which means it can bear both low light and strong lighting.

Marsilia Hirsuta

  • A carpeting plant that requires low lighting to grow.
  • It can perform well in any substrate.
  • Apart from the substrate, it also does not require any fertilizers.
  • Though it prefers low lighting, in diminished light, it can lose its carpeting property.
  • It is suitable for the aquariums having shrimps as it provides a flat surface to them.

Micro Sword

  • One of the shortest aquarium plants grows up to 3 inches only.
  • With sufficient nutrients, this plant can provide a thick layer of carpet to your aquarium.
  • However, this plant is a little hard to grow due to its specific lighting and water conditions.
  • Therefore, only people having experience are suggested to plant Micro Swords.
  • You can also add Carbon dioxide to increase the rate of its growth.


  • It is low maintenance, easy to grow, and a beginner-friendly aquarium plant.
  • This plant can act as a water purifier.
  • It is a floating plant.
  • Since this plant grows very fast, it is essential to control its rapid growth.
  • Oxygen level and light penetration can become low if its development is not maintained as it quickly occupies the space.

Water Wisteria

  • Also referred to as Hygrophila Dofformis is a fast-growing stem plant.
  • It is super easy to care for and is quite a popular fish tank plant.
  • This plant is versatile as it can be planted in a middle ground, background, or side across.
  • It has healthy, bright green leaves that will enhance the aesthetic of your tank.


An aquarium without plants is like a house without objects; empty and incomplete. Setting up your aquarium with live plants brings a lot of benefits. These plants increase the oxygen level and convert the fish-wastes into fertilizers. They create a safe and sound habitat for the fishes to live, hide, and breed. Apart from these, placing plants in your aquarium adds beauty and maintains balance in the fish tank. To sum up, if you love aquascaping, this article can help you in making your aquarium look elegant and appealing.

Happy Aquascaping!

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